Arta Plast AB is one of Sweden’s leading companies within the field of injection moulded plastic parts. The company was established in Stockholm in 1957 and is now a familiar name with foodstuffs companies and medical equipment companies worldwide.

To provide manufacture of foodstuffs packaging and medical equipment products in the best way possible we have invested in highly automated machinery.

In our ultra-modern plant in Tyresö near Stockholm we produce parts and packaging in some 50 injection moulds with clamping forces from 30 to 500 tons. The plant includes a hygiene class 8 cleanroom and a high-technology workshop for product development.

We create customer benefits by means of innovation, design, product development, automation and across-the-board production within injection moulding.

Many years of experience, high level skills and a genuine problem-solving mentality within the company results in many powerfully competitive manufacturing techniques and refined methods that enhance customer processes and packaging.

A prime example of our ability to produce new innovations and develop the market is the award-winning 1.Seal™, which takes sealing technology one step further.

We have certified quality systems for both medical equipment (ISO 13485) and foodstuffs packaging (FSSC 22000).

Our energy comes from hydropower that we buy from Vattenfall, diploma below.


FSSC22000-0062965 ENG Arta Plast AB


Diplom EPD Vatten Kund

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