Tool making is a craft where skill and precision, calculations and knowledge of materials are of great importance.

Arta Plast manufacturer everything from test tools to production tools for packaging and other market areas. Most of our tools are made in high-speed plant by skilled toolmakers at the development department5 in our plant in Tyresö.

The advantages of having in-house toolmakers and service are short lead times, fast reactions and faultless results. And simplicity in developing and improving existing packaging. Arta Plast use only high quality tools and service the same continuously in the interests of long working life.

We also cooperate with selected toolmakers in Central Europe, this providing additional flexibility in the development stage. We work with only the most highly skilled and knowledgeable tool making shops, because we know that the quality of our products is dependent on their standards. With Arta Plast you can always rely on well-made tools of high precision and long working life.


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