A new, innovative safety lancet

Arta Plast have supplied high quality safety lancets for over 25 years and lead the field in design, development and manufacture.

Our new, innovative safety lancet, CareLance, has an intuitive functional design like a syringe. CareLance comes in several models to meet the demands of health care. Colour codes indicate different sizes and flows: max flow, low flow, standard flow and micro flow. Multiple versions with different needle depths and thicknesses for optimal blood volume are available.

CareLance safety lancets are used for all capillary samples or post-care testing, including glucose or other clinical tests where safety is a problem. Important safety functions make CareLance suitable for use in primary care, hospitals and care homes.

The CareLance safety lancet automatic locking function is designed to meet OSHA and international norms for injection needle safety. The button remains in the down position after use to indicate the unit has been used.

This user-friendly safety lancet has double springs for fast retraction of the especially sharp needle, resulting in minimum pain for the patient.

Care Lance

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