Arta Plast AB have long experience of manufacturing technical components (since 1957) and medical technical parts (since 1979). Consequently, our operations are instilled with high precision, standards of purity and quality assurance.

Arta Plast’s in-house development department and in-house engineers have created the company’s own expertise within high-precision parts using wholly automatic production for mass production.

Arta Plast develop, produce, handle and assemble medical technical parts with the highest quality assurance. Arta Plast is certified according to the ISO 13485 standard.

With a newly expanded clean room and new high-technology equipment and injections moulds designed for clean room use, Arta Plast occupies a leading position among European plastic parts manufacturers. Placement in the new class 8 (ISO 14644) clean room allows the combination of precision and absolute purity.



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We make everything from test tools to production tools of 48 cavities

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