An innovation that takes sealing to an entirely new level

Our innovation, 1-Seal, is now a well-proven and developed technique offering the foodstuffs market an environmentally friendly and innovative packaging solution with IML. 1-Seal combines a unique sealing technique that meets the demand for high quality and product safety and a first class decorative appearance for maximum attraction power. 1-Seal in brief:

  • Pure material only – 100% recyclable
  • No aluminium or plastic wafer
  • 1 component produced in 1 process – simplifies filling by elimination of wafer handling
  • Heat resistant and suitable for microwaves
  • Brief welding time and low welding temperature
  • Reduced transport costs and warehousing costs
  • Pasteurisation can take place directly in the 1-Seal packaging, which withstands autoclave curing and hot filling
  • Easy to open and close for the end consumer
  • IML with high quality printing in photo quality

Production advantages

1-Seal represents the last word in production efficiency. The key is the combination of a PP-top (polypropylene) and a PP seal. Clean sealing eliminates environmentally unfriendly aluminium wafers and extra costs, makes the production line more efficient, reduces environmental impact and improves opportunities for recycling. Because the aluminium wafer is no longer required, production is simplified and extra costs for materials storage, production areas and wafers are avoided. Additionally, the ultra thin sealing surface reduces welding time and temperature. And the contents can be pasteurised in the pack, which is autoclave curing and hot filling resistant.

Product safety is important

1-Seal technology meets the increasing demand for high safety foodstuffs packaging throughout the production chain and provides a tightly sealed, customer friendly packaging that ensures shelf life for both shop and consumer. High product safety and hygiene are key values at Arta Plast, and these standards are updated continuously to meet the demands of the market and the consumer.

Market areas

1-Seal can be used in several market areas, because all products that need to be sealed can make good use of 1-Seal technology. 1-Seal is now a well-tested concept and used for a variety of products such as cream cheese, processed cheese, butter, nut cream, patty and mixes. Additionally, the product has been successfully tested for ice cream. There are no limits to the uses of the innovations offered by 1-Seal technology.

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