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Quality assurance system: Quality assurance covers the entire Arta Plast operation from development5 of products to production. The system includes HACCP for the elimination of foodstuffs hazards. And is used to meet customer requirements efficiently and safely. External audits: Arta Plast is audited annually by Intertek to ensure our quality system meets all regulations. We are regularly inspected by Anticimex, the fire brigade and the environmental health department.Internal audits: We conduct regular audits of our quality assurance system. Production hygiene: We produce in dedicated premises and according to laid-down routines to ensure production meets our hygiene standards. Quality checks: Arta Plast conduct quality checks of produced parts to ensure customer requirements are met.Certification: We are pleased to certify our products and the materials we use, e.g. REACH and RoHS. Suppliers: All suppliers of materials for our processes are regularly updated and inspected. Plastic materials: All our plastic materials for foodstuffs packaging meet European regulations for plastic materials used in contact with foodstuffs, regulation EY 10/2011. Bisphenol A is present in polycarbonate. We make no foodstuffs packaging in polycarbonate and bisphenol A is not present in our packaging. We conduct regular migration tests of all our plastic materials used for foodstuffs packaging. We are pleased to issue a declaration of conformity for all our foodstuffs packaging.

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Environment policy Arta Plast AB aims to actively provide plastic parts and subcontract work that contribute to a minimum consumption of resources and long-term development with the least possible environmental impact and to produce entirely according with our Environmental Policy; we regard environmental work as an important task necessary to our continued success on the market and as a significant part of company culture.

We work with recyclable material according to two recycling methods; plastic parts are ground down for new granulate, which can become new parts. The other is the most usual in Sweden and here plastic parts are used for combustion; energy from combustion is higher than from crude oil, but the residual products are only carbon dioxide and water, the same substances as are present in the air we breathe.



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