Arta Plast Packaging is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of injection moulded plastic packaging. We offer; partly a large range of standard packaging, partly several services for creating new or further development of existing unique packaging. In this way our customers get the help they need from idea to efficient large or small scale production.

Several new ideas have been realised at Arta Plast Packaging. For example, we have developed an entirely new packaging seal in production, 1-Seal™. And as early as 2010 we introduced a packaging with a 99.5% light barrier, a function that improves product life and usage area. But all this is history. We are continuing to invest in new ideas, the latest technology and in finding new solutions within both function and design. You are more than welcome to join us on our journey!

Arta Plast Packaging is quality system certified for food safety (ISO 22000).


2018 Arta Plast AB FSSC pack eng



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