Arta Plast Packaging is renowned for understanding and realising aspirations and visions. Our product developers are experts in combining design with function. And our ability to collaborate with separate suppliers within different areas can take ideas up to new levels of success.

When Arta Plast design a new product we can offer several applications. The most usual are:

  • IML (in mould labelling) is the best technique to create eye-catching products, with photo-quality pictures. IML material is transparent or white and can be printed in up to 8 colours. It can also be metalled or given various surfaces. IML labels are resistant to damp, withstand temperature variations and are both scratch resistant and smooth. IML labels are easy to recycle because they are made of the same material as that used to injection mould the product.
  • Make your packaging colourful. We usually use a PMS code equivalent to the desired colour. We then recreate this on/in your product.
  • 1-Seal™ An innovation that benefits the manufacturer, the customer and the environment.

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